Infection Control: New York State Mandatory Training


The purpose of this activity is to:

  1. Provide learners with the information they need to practice safely in New York State in the area of infection control; and
  2. Fulfill the mandatory training requirement.

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

Element I
  • Identify benefits to patients and healthcare providers of adhering to scientifically accepted principles and practices of infection control;
  • State the legal requirement for select licensed professionals regarding adhering to scientifically accepted principles and practices of infection control.
Element II
  • Describe how pathogenic organisms may be spread in healthcare settings;
  • Identify the factors which influence the outcome of an exposure;
  • List strategies for preventing transmission of pathogenic organisms;
  • Describe how infection control concepts are applied in professional practice.
Element III
  • Define healthcare-associated disease transmission, engineering controls, safe injection practices, and work practice controls;
  • Describe specific high-risk practices and procedures that increase the opportunity for healthcare worker and patient exposure to potentially infectious material;
  • Describe specific measures to prevent transmission of bloodborne pathogens from patient to patient, healthcare worker to patient, and patient to healthcare worker via contaminated injection equipment;
  • Identify work practice controls designed to eliminate the transmission of bloodborne pathogens during use of sharp instruments (e.g., scalpel blades and their holders (if not disposable), lancets, lancet platforms/pens, puncture devices, injections); and
  • Identify where engineering or work practice controls can be utilized to prevent patient exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
Element IV
  • Describe the circumstances which require the use of barriers and personal protective equipment to prevent patient or healthcare worker contact with potentially infectious material;
  • Identify specific barriers or personal protective equipment for patient and healthcare worker protection from exposure to potentially infectious material.
Element V
  • Define cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization;
  • Differentiate between non critical, semi critical, and critical medical devices;
  • Describe the three levels of disinfection;
  • Discuss the importance of the correct application of reprocessing methods for assuring the safety and integrity of patient care equipment in preventing transmission of bloodborne pathogens;
Element VI
  • Discuss the professional's responsibility for maintaining a safe patient care environment in all healthcare settings; and
  • Identify strategies for, and importance of, effective and appropriate pre-cleaning, chemical disinfection, and sterilization of instruments and medical devices aimed at preventing transmission of bloodborne pathogens.

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